Not for Profit FAQ

Stuck with something in your Google Apps for nonprofits domain? Below follow the most frequently asked questions about Google Apps for nonprofits. Don't forget if you can't find what you need use the search on the top right of the site.

  1. Does Google offer Google Apps for not-for-profit organisations?

    As a Google Apps reseller we have been asked this question a number of times. Google does a number of things for not-for-profit organisations. However, as far as we know, Google Apps for not-for- profits is only available to not-for-profit organisations in Australia, Canada, England, France,  Japan, New Zealand, United States and Wales as what those countries define as bona fide not for profit. They also limit the number of users to less than 3000 when the service is provided for free.

    Not for profit educational institutions both in and out of the United States of America are well serviced - click here for more information

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