Google My Business - How to change your telephone number listed by Google

If you find your telephone number, or any other business detail, is wrong in Google Search or Google Maps these instructions can help you correct it.


  1. The permanent solution to this issue is to claim your business listing by using Google My Business. You may need to verify your telephone number by a verification phone call or SMS text message, or verify your address by receipt of post card.

    Once you verify your ownership of the business with Google you can then correct your business details as often as you like.  Google does manually verify some information to ensure the service does not get abused by spammers, so some updates to your business listing can take six weeks to appear in Google Search results and Google Maps data.

  2. If you cannot access Google My Business in your area then you can Suggest an edit or Report a problem on Google Maps and make a suggestion to change your business information such as your business telephone number and business address.

  3. If the your business or place does not appear on the map at all then you can use Google Mapmaker to add your place to the map.


Add Local Business Listing - Google My Business

Add local business listing on Google My Business

Report a problem / Suggest an edit - Google Maps

report a problem / suggest an edit on Google Maps