Q 7. What is so good about HTML5 for an ordinary user?

Some of the benefits (like those in the previous section) might be seen as more important for web developers than users, so here we will go through some of the things you will notice as a user, and we at Steegle use on a daily basis:
  • HTML5 Audio

The HTML5 AUDIO element allows for audio  to be embedded directly into a web page. It is a standard HTML element that can be controlled using simple HTML attributes or JavaScript and can be combined with CSS. This is a great cross-over for different platforms as the possibility of high-quality, unbuffered audio on mobile device, tablet or PC  will be a great advantage to users, and a great  advantage as apps shared between those devices can have the same sound quality regardless of where or when it is being listened to.

  • HTML5 Video

HTML5 adds a new video element which allows the embedding  of video directly into a webpage, not just tacked on, or waiting for your page to “call” it from storage either on a server or locally, and to integrate video with other layers of the web environment. The advantages are speed, quality and repeatability. Remember the difference between VHS and DVD? That is what is represented by HTML5 video element.

  • Web Storage

HTML5 localstorage allows websites to store information on your computer or mobile device and retrieve it later. Similar to, but much faster than cookies, localstorage can handle much bigger amounts of data. Where cookies are sent back to the web server every time you go to a new page, HTML localstorage stays on your computer and is accessed after the page has loaded, by Google supercharged JavaScript. The end result for the user is speed, and improved security. Fewer cookies is an added bonus.