Q 9. How is Google Chrome Integrated into the new generation of Chromebook devices?

If you are lucky enough to own one of the new Chromebooks, you will know just how seamless the experience of using the Google Chrome browser really is. Google’s publicity announces that the Chromebook has “no annoying updates. Nothing complicated to learn. Boots in seconds. Comes with your favourite Google apps. The Chromebook makes a great additional computer for getting things done, for sharing around the home, for everyone.” perhaps the most important feature mentioned here is “Nothing complicated to learn,” as the Google Chrome interface is so intuitive and so familiar that everyone will find it easy to use, easy to navigate around the computer (which has so few applications and programs as to be pure simplicity) or around the web (for web, read cloud.)

All that has gone before in this article comes as standard, pre-installed in a Chromebook. So, no more updates (Chromebooks Auto Update, free, whenever they are connected to the internet, or at a scheduled time to suit your working habits) and no more product incompatibilities - Chrome Browser ensures that everything is always compatible, all the time. Forget about Microsoft Windows or Apple OS; the Chromebook actually runs on its own Google Chromium OS, doing away with the need for most programs, and continually updating your work and leisure activities to the cloud, and to your online Google profile.

For some people, the last reason for owning a Google Chrome OS Chromebook is one of the most important. Since you will need very little storage in the world of cloud computing, and very few programs, when your Google Apps handle all your productivity, and the enhanced Google Browser utilising the fast-developing HTML5 and CSS3 technology, you need very little processing power – meaning the Chromebooks can be produced very much more cheaply than their 30-second minimum startup Windows laptop cousins. Price and speed will surely make the Chromebook a must-have item as Google continues to drive development in computing and online activity.