Q 1. What is Google Chrome?

Chrome Logo

At its simplest, Google Chrome is a browser, that most basic of methods to access online information and to connect us to the information highway. At its most comprehensive it is a whole suite of applications designed to simplify the way we use text, information, data, collaboration online (and offline) and to entertain ourselves when using the internet.

Even if you don't have Google’s Chrome browser installed, (and 83.73% of you don’t, according to www.netmarketshare.com) you will surely recognise its logo, that familiar, primary-coloured, red, green and yellow ring surrounding a small blue circle.

Chrome was open-source from its origins in 2008, when its commissioners, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, released it as a beta version, soon to be followed by a release of most of the source code from which it had had been created, through the open source project which became known as chromium.

Since that day in September 2008, the browser has gone through 25 version updates, giving us today a very fast, very capable interface for browsing, with an extremely stripped down feel and intuitive interface.