Q12. Isn’t Google in danger of confusing people with so many similar products?

Not really. Each product was really a development of the one that went before, so the development of the Google Chrome browser naturally led on to the idea of profiles, which became a suite of apps, and so on. Google’s thinking is always big, and they have such a naturally creative team that when they come across a new development, they tend to believe it is possible to extend it, customise it, make it faster for the user and synchronise with the rest of the Google products. So the browser became Apps, and Apps became absorbed into the cloud, and, as HTML5 developed, the cloud and Google grew with it. We think that the next logical step was the development of a Google OS (Chromium) which could power cloud-based apps, synchronised and collaborative, and real-time. So why not a dedicated device? The Chromebook is where all this has been leading. Are we looking at a future where low-power, low-price computing is within everyone’s reach? As far as Google is concerned, anything is possible.

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