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Google Adsense FAQ

An FAQ Guide for Google Adsense

Google AdSense

What is Adsense? Is it Different to Adwords?

Adsense is absolutely essential for any website that wishes to capitalise on its viewers and has a steady stream of constant readers.  Adsense, if placed on a website, shows adverts, which if clicked by the reader generate income for the website. It works brilliantly with Google Sites as well, and Steegle legal we use it on all of our non-commercial and support pages to help us pay for providing for the information. 

Each click is worth very, very little. However if this builds up and the website has a large readership it could equal to a sensible level of earnings. The more clicks, the more money you will make. Simple. Adsense is not to be confused with AdWords, the advertising equivalent. Adwords offers advertisers the ability to advertise on Google searches tailored to what they think their target market is. If an advert involved monkeys and someone googled monkeys, Adwords would place your advert in that persons google search; at the top or on the right depending on which you pick. 

Similar to Adsense, no monetary action is taken unless someone clicks: This time of course as you are the advertiser you would pay per click, as opposed to earning per click in Adsense.

Google Adsense Introduction