Google Docs - Tables

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Google Docs - Tables

Want to know all the secrets of making great tables in Google Docs? Look no further.


Google Docs has some great, in-built features for making stylish and unique tables. The flexible toolset on offer makes creating these tables a breeze.

Create a Table

  1. Use the Insert menu (see Fig 1) and choose Table (see Fig 2), or use the Table menu and choose Insert table. Here you can choose a table size of up to 20 rows by 20 columns, although you can add more rows or columns later if you need to.

  2. To delete the table, select any point in the table and use the Table menu and choose Delete table.

Table Structure

  1. Once you have made your table, you can add and remove columns and rows. To add a column, select the column next to which you want your new column to appear. Then, use the Table menu and choose Insert column left or Insert column right(see Fig 2)

  2. You can do the same for rows by choosing Insert row above or Insert row below(see Fig 2)

  3. You can delete a row or column by selecting anywhere in that row or column, using the Table menu and choosing Delete row or Delete column(see Fig 2)

Note: there is no merge table cells function at present. Any tables imported from Microsoft Word which contain merged table cells will lose that particular formatting.

Table Style

You can apply style to your table in various ways. For example, you can change cell background colours, horizontal and vertical text alignment etc. You can apply style to single cells, multiple cells, or the whole table.
  1. Select the area in which you want to apply style, then use the Table menu and choose Table properties (see Fig 2(or right-click and choose Table properties)

  2. Use the options in Table properties (see Fig 3to make your style adjustments.

  3. To alter the border colour, style, and thickness of your table, or just for certain cells, select the cells you wish to change, then use the formatting menu that appears (see Fig 4).


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Create a Table

Insert a Table

Fig 1

The Table Menu

Fig 2

Table Style

Table Properties

Fig 3

Table Menu

Fig 4