Google Docs - Name, Move and Copy

posted 10 Feb 2014, 02:13 by Unknown user   [ updated 5 Jun 2014, 04:45 ]

Google Docs - Name, Move and Copy Documents

Can't find the 'Save as...' option? With Google Docs you never need to save as Google Docs saves automatically. Discover how to change your document's name, or make a copy.


Change the Document Name

  1. Click the name of your document at the top (if a new document then you will see Untitled Document)

  2. Enter your new document name, and use the OK button

Move a Document to Folder

  1. Use the Move to folder... icon on the right of the document name (looks like a folder)

    Google Docs - Move to folder... - icon
  2. Choose, or create, a folder to move the document to.

Make a copy under another name ('Save As')

  1. Use the File menu, then Make a copy...

  2. Enter a new document name, choose whether to Share it with the same people and then use the OK button

  3. Your copied file will appear in My Drive. To move it use the
    Move to folder... button (it looks like a folder next to your document name) and choose a new destination.


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Change the Document Name

Enter a new document name

Make a copy under another name ('Save As')

Choose 'Make a copy'

Enter a new document name

Move your file