Google Sites Designs

At we love to develop and design innovative and responsive Google Sites, renovate existing Google Sites, and migrate traditional websites over to Google Sites.

Google Sites takes advantage of working in the cloud, Google's reliability (99.9% Uptime available), and no hosting fees.

Website Examples

Regulus Partners

Websites can be used for...

Brochure site
Products and services provided
Frequently asked questions
Contact us page
Maps and directions
Links to social media profiles
Applications forms
News and blog

Intranet Examples

Intranet created on Google Sites

Intranet can be used for

Tracking a project
Staff directory
Staff handbooks
Expenses management
What's for lunch
Policies and Procedures
Quick access to Google Apps

Dashboard Example

Dashboard created on Google Sites

Dashboard can be used for

Centralize your Google Apps Marketplace apps 
Workflow management
Google Apps Scripts to extend functionality
Reporting with embedded Charts