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2 New Google Setup Services

posted 17 Sep 2008, 17:23 by Stephen Hind

I have decided to offer two services to help users started using Google Apps or Google Sites.

Over the past few weeks I have helped many Google Sites users to get a short address for their Google Sites.  Many users who come to Google Sites do so due to its simplicity and the speed at which you can get a web site up and running.  To get a domain (like to point to a Google Site (e.g. needs an understanding of the Domain Name System (DNS), which many of the Google Sites' core users won't know and wouldn't want to know.  This drove me to make the decision to offer a service to help get a short name for a Google Site - the Google Sites Setup Service.

It seems obvious, also, to offer a service to setup Google Apps for your domain.  This again can require some manipulation of DNS so the Google Apps Setup Service takes the effort out of getting started with Google Apps.

This service isn't for everyone as some may find it very easy to setup Google's offerings, but others may want the peace of mind that the Google Setup Services can offer.  I hope these services can help many individuals, organisations and businesses a speedy, efficient and cost-effective deployment of Google Apps and Google Sites.