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Goals - Google Calendar Celebrates 10th Birthday

posted 13 Apr 2016, 04:38 by Stephen Hind

Today sees Google Calendar reach 10 years old!
Happy Birthday Google Calendar!
To mark this birthday Google has released a new feature to the mobile app called Goals.

What does the new Goals feature do for me?

Goals is Google's attempt to help you meet those aspirations you want to achieve but either easily forget or rarely find the time for.  Goals will ask you what you want to do, a rough time as to when is good for you and then automatically schedule times to fit your schedule.

How to use Goals

Here's a simple overview of how to use the goals feature:

Create Goals

  1. Open the Google Calendar app on Android or iOS (you cannot add Goals from the desktop web interface)
  2. Use the big red create button (it's a + in a circle) and choose Goal
  3. Choose what kind of Goal you would like to achieve. There are many suggestions Goals offers, like Exercise, Build a skill, Family & friends, Me time and Organise my life.
  4. Choose which activity you'd like pursue, or create one of your own from the Custom option
  5. Choose how often you'd like to achieve this Goal
  6. Specify how long for
  7. Give a rough time when you think will be good for you
  8. Confirm your options and Google Calendar will start the process to fit this into your already existing appointments and events.

Keep your Goals up to date

To help Google Calendar learn your schedule and what works best for your Goals you can help it learn by marking as done or deferring a goal.
  1. Open the Google Calendar app on Android or iOS (you can see your Goals on the desktop web interface and mark as done but you cannot use the defer feature).
  2. Either Mark as done or Defer to help Google Calendar learn whether that was a good time for this Goal.
  3. If you Defer then Google Calendar will again automatically schedule for another time.
Google Calendar - Creating a Goal