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Google Sites - New Features - October 2009

posted 8 Oct 2009, 04:52 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 10 Oct 2009, 13:27 ]

Google Sites has again been updated to give more new features: 

New Features 

  • Page Templates

    You can now save a page as a template!  You can make the bare-bones structure of a page and then save it as a template to be used again and again.  To make a template use the More Actions button then Save as page template: give the template a name, a description and upload an icon if your want and then use the Save  button.  The next time you go to make a new page you can select it from the list of page types.

    This also allows you to change the page to a different template: to change a page's template use the More Actions button then Change page template and you can choose what page template to use.  Be careful to as to whether you want the default content for the page as this will overwrite the existing content.  You can use the Revision History to revert the page back to any previous versions and it will go back the the previous template.

    For full instructions and screen shots see Google Sites - Page Templates.

  • Feeds for Google Sites (XML / Atom / RSS)

    At the top of any Announcement Page you will see a link to a Feed of your posts on the announcement page.  These are listed in last update order, newest update first (as opposed to the Announcement page that orders them in creation date newest first).

    The whole site has a feed also, just add /activity.xml to the end of your site URL e.g.:

    this is always a private feed (for Collaborators and Owners) so you need to use a feed reader that allows for authentication (Google Reader, for instance, does not support authentication).

Bugs Fixed

Other Changes

  • Insert Image

    The insert image dialogue box has changed so it no longer has tabs: I don't no why, as there is no extra functionality, but it may mean there are more new features to look forward to soon!