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Inbox by Gmail - Leaves Early Adopter

posted 27 Apr 2016, 10:10 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 27 Apr 2016, 10:17 ]

Today Google announced that Inbox by Gmail leaves its early adopter status for Google Apps.  This is great news and you can now get support directly from Google if you pay for Google Apps for Work or Unlimited. The question is is it ready for primetime? Does Inbox by Gmail lack basic features to use in a business setting?

Missing Features

Here are the features we (our clients and users) would like to see most.

Respond to non-Google Calendar invites

Quite bizarrely if someone invites you to a meeting who does not use Google Calendar then you can see all of the invite information but you cannot respond to show your attendance.  Fortunately you can respond from Google Calendar (if you have set the options correctly).

Google Drive integration

If you want to easily add a link to a drive item or add an attachment from Google Drive you cannot: you either need to download the attachment and then add it or go through the process of getting the link and manually adding to the mail.

Multiple Send As signature support

If you need to send emails from various different addresses or aliases then you will not get a signature unless you use your primary address.

Linkable emails and browser back/forward

One of the first pieces of feedback we sent to Google about Inbox by Gmail is the inability to link to an email and, more importantly, to navigate Inbox with your browser's back and forward buttons.  If you have just looked at a mail and want to click back to go back there it does not work.

Search in a bundle

When you open a bundle in Inbox by Gmail (label/folder if you prefer to call them that) when you go to search the search results come from the whole of your mail and not just the bundle you started in.

Make your Request

You may want all of the features above or can think of your own so make sure you Contact Google Apps Support to make your feature requests. The more users who make request the more Google will take notice.

What do you want to see the most?