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Inbox by Gmail - Newsletter Bundles and Save to Inbox

posted 20 Apr 2016, 08:59 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 20 Apr 2016, 09:02 ]
We've just seen some new features in Inbox by Gmail: bundled newsletters and the ability to Save to Inbox links for later.

Newsletter Bundles

Inbox by Gmail now extracts the headlines from a newsletter and displays them in a useful format so you get more than just a snippet:

Inbox by Gmail - Newsletter Headlines

When you expand the bundle you get a new information card , like with calendar invites, flight details and hotel reservations, giving you more details on the news items.  This helps you see if the newsletter contains something that interests you and then you can pin the mail and snooze to appear later.

Inbox by Gmail - Newsletter Information Card

Save to Inbox

You can now save links to web pages in a special bundle in Inbox by Gmail. 

Create button in inbox

In Inbox by Gmail when you use the create button (the round, red button with + in the middle) you now have a link option to save the link to Inbox.

Inbox by Gmail - Create Link

Inbox uses the link you have copied to your computer's clipboard to store in Inbox

Chrome Extension

If you use the Chrome web browser you can install the Inbox by Gmail extension to allow you to save links to Inbox or share them via an email.

Inbox by Gmail - Chrome Extension - Save to Inbox

Saved Bundle

In Inbox you can find the links you saved for later in the Saved bundle available from the Inbox drawer menu:

Inbox by Gmail - Saved Bundle