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Trial RSS Feed via Google Groups

posted 3 Sep 2008, 17:14 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 4 Sep 2008, 01:21 ]
I have created a Google Group to receive the update notifications from this Google Site.  My only concern is that the feed isn't telling you of updates to directly, but updates to the Updates Google Group which are the updates obviously: this means that when you look at the updates you need to remember that the updates are for

Obviously as soon as Google Sites provides its own feed then this method will be redundant (vote for RSS to be priority).

If you wish to receive updates from please subscribe to the
 RSS Feed

Update 2008-09-04 01.30: No sooner have I implemented it did it stop working!  I will see how it goes.

Update 2008-09-04 01.35: It looks like I may now have fixed it - the group member who sends the e-mail notifications to the group was not allowed to make posts, so hopefully this won't happen again.

Update 2008-09-04 09.25: It seems to be still working so I'm happy with it other than it's not direct.