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Google Sites - New Features - May 2009

posted 18 May 2009, 17:51 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 29 May 2009, 17:14 ]
Google Sites has just released a massive update to Google Sites providing a lot of new features.  Here's a quick list of what's available and what's changed:
  • Navigation Gadget

    You can now show sub-pages in a tree (indented fashion) and it can expand and collapse

  • Colours and Fonts

    A lot more configurable colours, e.g. you can colour the sidebar gadgets differently to the content gadgets and have control over the fonts of the gadgets.

  • Manage Site

    Manage Site replaces Site Settings and now appears on the More Actions button.  The four areas previously on Site Settings (Sharing, Appearance, Web Address and Other Stuff) are now in Manage Sites, but Appearance has been split in to its three tabs so it's now Site Layout, Colours and Fonts and Themes, and Other Stuff now becomes General.

    There is also a new Pages tab that allows you to see a list, or tree, of all you pages, the creator, when it was last updated and the number of revisions.

  • Editor Layout

    The Editor now looks more like Google Docs so the Insert, Format, Table and Layout options are now in the blue bar at the top and like menus.  The Save Draft, Save and Cancel buttons are on the top right.

    The Create Page, Edit Page and More Actions buttons appear in the top right, again to give consistency across Google's apps.

For a full list of updates see the New Updates and Release Information in Google Sites Help

Keep watching my site for updates on how to use these new Google Sites features.