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Google Sites - New Features - July 2009

posted 7 Jul 2009, 16:50 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 9 Jul 2009, 04:52 ] Sites has again been updated to give more new features:

  • Auto Navigation

    You can now make the sidebar navigation gadget show every page in a hierarchy view automatically, listed alphabetically.  Use the Edit Sidebar link and then Edit link in the Navigation box: then tick the Automatically organise my navigation box.

  • Subpage Listing Gadget

    You can now add a gadget that adds a list of the subpages in the same expandable/collapsible format as the site sidebar navigation gadget.  This is updated automatically with all of the subpages and you can even use it as a navigation gadget for the top level.

    Insert > Subpage listing

  • Page Layouts

    Rather than the two previous page layouts (one and two column) there are now seven (yes 7) page layouts, some of which include a side bar of their own.  This means you can disable the site sidebar and have a different side bar on every page (but it's fixed at 150pixels, where as you  can set the site sidebar to any width).

    Edit Page > Layout

  • 25 New Themes

    Google have provided 25 new themes very similar to the Google Page Creator themes, so migrated sites should look as similar as possible.

    More Actions > Manage Site > Themes

  • Attachment Handling

    You can now see the attachments on the whole of your site in one place: More Actions > Manage Site > Attachments.  This new tool also allows you to upload attachments to the Top Level of your site (e.g.

  • Deleted Site URL (web address) Re-Use

    You can now re-use your deleted site URL.
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