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Why use a Google Apps Reseller like Steegle?  

Use to deploy your business to Google's cloud computing infrastructure!

Google Apps for Business deployment and migration from £699

Google Apps is sold both directly from Google and via resellers, this allows you to choose who you want to buy the service from.  When companies seek to move the cloud they need someone to help them get the best from cloud services and understand all of the implications of such a large change. Customers pay no more for the Google Apps services bought from a reseller compared to buying directly from Google. Buying from a reseller also gives some useful material benefits that even companies with their own sophisticated IT departments will benefit from:

  • You can talk to a real person whose chosen profession and everyday worklife is implementing and supporting Google Apps. This gives Google Apps Authorised Resellers a higher awareness of your situation and experience of migrating other companies similar to yours.
  • Google Apps resellers provide easy access to training and informative updates about Google Apps, such as webinars and a real support phone number.  Google offers phone support too, but provide prioritised support for their authorised resellers, as the resellers can answer customer questions without referring to Google and only escalate the problems that need Google's attention. 
  • Apps resellers can provide site visits, not available from Google, tailored solutions that can include extended solutions from other partners and providers and a friendly face to greet you with a smile.

This means buying through a Google Apps reseller offers a good deal of added value and reassurance.  Given that Google Apps itself is so cost effective it also make it makes commercial sense for UK Google Apps customers to buy through a UK based reseller.