Training & Support Services

Do you need support with Google Apps, or Google Sites? Our Google Certified Specialists can help!

Need immediate help? Try One-Shot Support

Google Apps Deployment

One-to-one Training

Does a key member of staff need individual tuition? Whether on-site, or online, trains individuals on Google Apps and Office 365. Our Microsoft and Google certified specialists can give you all the help you need.

Secure, Private Intranets on Google Sites

Group Training

Do your team members require Google Apps or Office 365 training? Both face-to-face, and remotely, our Google and Microsoft trained experts will meet your team's training needs, for Google Apps and Office 365.

Training and Consultancy in Google Sites

Organisational Training

Need a corporate training program?'s in-house experts and trusted advisors can implement a robust Google Apps or Office 365 training programme for the whole company, to ensure your business benefits from 'the cloud'.

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First-Line Support

Need help? Since we support many Google Apps and Office 365 users we probably already know the answer! With their years of experience our Google and Microsoft experts can assist you quickly and get your problems resolved.

Google Apps Support

Google & Microsoft Support

Got a problem only Google or Microsoft can fix? If we cannot help you then we can escalate your problem straight to the provider. As your cloud partner we can contact Google or Microsoft directly and can get the support you need.

Custom Functions and Workflow by Google Apps Script

Cloud Consultancy

Do you want to get the most from 'the cloud' or not know where to start?'s Google and Microsoft Certified Specialists and experienced consultants will listen to you and advise on how you can get the best of 'the cloud'.