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Google Sites - Align Site Logo, Site Title & Site Search

posted 10 Jul 2010, 12:55 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 6 Jun 2014, 09:30 by Unknown user ]

Google Sites now allows you to vertically align your site logo, site title and site search at the top, middle or bottom and horizontally in the centre.  This gives you that little more control over the look and layout of your Google Site.


  1. Go to your Google Site and use the More Actions button, then Manage site and then go to Site Layout

  2. Use the Change site layout button

  3. You can now choose the vertical alignment using the  Vertical box under Alignment and you can centre your logo and search box using the Horizontal drop-down box.

  4. Once you have selected the alignment use the OK button then the Save changes button.

You can return to your site to see the changes.

Don't forget if you don't want to display the Site Search you can disable it using the Configure Search button on the Site layout page.

Please let us know if this article helped.

Screen shots

click for larger image

Site Layout Dialogue Box

Google Sites Site Layout Dialogue box for aligning header content