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Google Sites - Dismissible Site Notice

posted 19 Mar 2014, 14:13 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 27 Aug 2015, 02:39 by Stephen Hind ]

Google Sites - Dismissible Site Notice

Do you need to give a message to your visitors the first time they arrive? Use the Site Notice to provide a dismissible message your site visitors will see the first time they visit arrive at the site (a warning about cookies for example).


  1. Sign in to your Google Site as owner;

  2. Use the More button then Manage site;

  3. On the General page enter the message, warning or notice you want your visitors to appear in the Site notice box.

  4. Use the red Save button and your site will refresh and you will see the notice with the OK got it button to dismiss the message.

Example Applications

  • Cookie Warning - European Union law requires European websites to warn visitors that your site uses cookies, as Google Sites do: the law requires the visitor to give consent for the site to store cookies on the visitor's computer. You can use the message to give a suitable warning that the site uses cookies and once the user dismisses the message the visitors will not see the message again.

  • Notice on Intranets - you can add a notice to your intranet so viewers can see a message. Once the viewers dismiss the warning they will not see it again until they clear their cookies or until you change the notice.



Google Sites - Manage Site - General - Site Notice

Google Sites - Manage Site - General - Site Notice

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Google Sites - Cookie Warning - Example Site Notice