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Google Sites - Mobile View (not editing)

posted 27 Jun 2011, 04:53 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 6 Jun 2014, 08:58 by Unknown user ]

Google Sites now provides a Mobile View (not editing) for smart-phones, mobile phones and other mobiles devices like iPhone and Android-based devices. The updates include: the horizontal navigation now works with touch screens; the sidebar can expand and collapse (pop-in and pop-out), which automatically collapses in portrait viewing mode and expands in landscape mode; and all the System Footer links, apart from "powered by Google Sites" disappear to give more vertical space and avoid wrapping.

These instructions tell you how you can enable the Mobile View (auto-rendering) for your Google Site.

If you want to edit a Google Site on an iPad then update your iPad to iOS5 and you can.  For more information see the post I made exclusively on the iPad.


  1. Sign in to your site

  2. Use the More Actions button then Manage Site (or use the keyboard shortcut g then m)

  3. Go to General and scroll to the bottom of the page

  4. Tick the Mobile - Automatically adjust site to mobile phones box then use the Save Changes button

  5. Use the More Actions button then Preview as viewer (or use the keyboard shortcut g then p) and you will see the new Mobile option in the yellow notification bar at the top of the page:

       Preview page as viewer ( Mobile | Desktop )  

    Use the Mobile link to see the mobile view.


If your site contains items with a fixed width, a gadget, AdSense Ad or image wider than the screen size available this will appear wider than the display. 

The mobile view only works on iOS or Android 2.2+ devices.


You can get this feature now on stand-alone/consumer/personal Google Sites and Google Apps domains with the Rapid Release track enabled.

Please let us know if this article helped.

Screen Shots

General - Manage Site - Enable Mobile View

Enable Mobile View for Google Sites in the General section of Manage Site