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Google Sites - Google Buzz Button Gadget

posted 22 Apr 2010, 04:11 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 5 Mar 2014, 05:43 by Stephen Hind ]

Google Ceased support for Google buzz some time ago

These instructions are no longer valid

Google have released Buzz buttons so you can add a button to your web pages to get people to Buzz about them.  The button Google has released will not work with Google Sites as it contains JavaScript, so I have created a Google Buzz Button Gadget that will work with Google Sites.


  1. Go to your Google Site's page where you want to add the button and use the Edit Page button.

  2. Use the Insert menu, then More gadgets...

  3. Use the Add gadget by URL link

  4. Enter the following URL into the box:

    and use the Add button

  5. Choose the Style and Language you want to use for the button

  6. Enter the URL of your Google Site's page you want visitors to Buzz about in the URL to post box and you can add a URL to an image if you wish (in the Image to post box).

  7. Untick the Include a border around gadget and Display title on gadget boxes

  8. Use the OK button

You're done!

Screen shots - Google Sites Buzz Button Preferences - Google Sites Buzz Button Styles

Button + on the top counter

Button + on the side counter

Button only