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Google Sites - Google Checkout Buy Now Button - Work-around

posted 3 Nov 2008, 14:38 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 5 Mar 2014, 07:01 by Stephen Hind ]

Google no longer offers Google Checkout

These instructions are no longer valid as Google does not offer Google Checkout any longer.

A couple of people have asked me how I got the Google Checkout Buy Now Button working on my Google Sites Setup Service and Google Apps Setup Service pages so I have decide to write an article explaining how.


  1. Create an Image of the Button - first of all I didn't want to make an image, I just wanted to use the one provided by Google Checkout but Google Sites will not accept the URL, so I saved the image and then uploaded and inserted into the Google Site (for more instructions on using images in Google Sites see my Google Sites - Re-Using an Uploaded Image article).
  2. Link to Google Checkout - once the image is available you need to make it a link to the Google Checkout page, so to do that I used the Google Checkout e-mail invoice facility and e-mailed an invoice to myself.  I then took the link from the e-mail and made the image of the Google Checkout Buy Now Button a link (edit the HTML and change the link put on the image to the link to Google Checkout).


This is a work-around and it has not been approved by Google Checkout.  Google Sites may start to support Google Checkout Buy Now Buttons at any point in time (I'm guessing in early 2009 when they've hinted they'll start supporting AdSense).  It does work however.

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