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Google Sites - Embed Google Drive Video

posted 9 Jul 2011, 15:55 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 16 Apr 2015, 04:59 by Stephen Hind ]

Google Sites now provides Google Drive Video embedding.  This means you can now make use of some advantages over YouTube video embedding: add videos stored in Google Drive that do not provide links to related videos; and you can share the videos privately with more than 25 users, e.g. a whole Google Apps domain. The embed tool also lets you pick a custom size for the video without the need to use custom code.


  1. Sign in to your site and use the Edit Page button on the page you wish to embed the video

  2. Use the Insert menu, go to Drive and then Video

  3. Choose the video you wish to embed from your list of Google Drive Videos and use the Select button

  4. Choose whether to display a border or title with your video and what width and height you wish to display your video at, then use the Save button

  5. Use the Save button on the page and your video will appear on the page.


You can already embed videos from YouTube in your Google Site so why use Google Drive Videos?  If you do not want to display links to related videos, as YouTube does by default, Google Drive videos do not provide these links (you can disable these links on YouTube videos but you then need to use custom code to embed them in your site).  YouTube only allows you to share a video with 25 people: Google Drive videos does not impose any limit and if you use Google Apps you can take advantage its sharing options.


Screen Shots

Select Google Docs Video to Embed

Google Sites - Insert Drive Video

Insert Google Docs Video

Insert Google Docs Video to your Google Site - choose title, border, width and height