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Google Sites - Add a Google+ Icon - Footer

posted 25 Aug 2012, 07:20 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 5 Mar 2014, 05:10 by Stephen Hind ]
Google+ provides a tool to create an icon to link to your Google+ Profile, either a Google+ Page or your personal Google+ Profile.  These instructions tell you how to create the HTML code for the icon and add it to the footer of your Google Site.

Video How To


  1. Go to and Sign in with the Google+ account you want to link to.

  2. Select the Google+ Page or Profile you want to link to from the Google+ Page drop-down box.

  3. Choose the Icon option from the Features

  4. Copy the HTML Code given on the right under the icon

  5. Go to your site and Sign in as an owner

  6. Use the More button then Edit site layout

  7. If you do not have the footer enabled use the Footer button to make it appear

  8. Hover your mouse over the footer area, it will get highlighted blue, and then click with your mouse and the footer editor will open

  9. Use the <HTML> button to open the HTML editor and paste the HTML code you copied from Google Developers.  If you get a warning that your code will be modified use the OK button as Google Sites does not like the HTML comment that Google developers adds to the code.

  10. Use the OK button to close the footer editor and then use the Close button to close the site layout editor

  11. Once the changes are saved return to your site to see the Google+ icon in your footer.