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Google Sites - Start Page Template - Google Apps

posted 8 Aug 2009, 19:03 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 5 Mar 2014, 06:37 by Stephen Hind ]

If you use Google Apps then you can create a Start Page on Google Sites, similar to the iGoogle page.  Please bare in mind this is only available to Google Sites made in a Google Apps domain, not a personal Google Site.


  1. Sign in to your site where you want the Start Page (you may wish to make a dedicated site for this) and use the Create Page button.

  2. Choose the Start Page type from the list of page types, give your page a name and use the Create Page button.

  3. The page is now ready for individual users add their own gadgets by using the Add personal gadgets link.  The users only need to be invited as viewers to add gadgets to the page.