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Google Sites - Re-Using an Uploaded Image

posted 6 Sep 2008, 16:40 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 5 Mar 2014, 07:04 by Stephen Hind ]

Google Sites keeps the images uploaded to each page separate, so if you have already uploaded an image to a page and want to use it on another then you cannot see it in the Add an Image dialogue box.  Below follows some instructions on how you can re-use the image you have already uploaded.  This also works for images uploaded to a Picasa Web Albums (don't use the link Picasa Web Albums provides on the right, as it's a link to that Picasa Web Album page - use the link/address/URL described in the process below).


  1. Go to the page where the uploaded image lives (do not edit the page) or go to the page in your Picasa Web Album where you can view the image;
  2. Right-click on the image you wish to re-use and copy the image's location/web address/URL:
    • Copy Image Location - Firefox
    • Copy Image URL - Google Chrome
    • Copy Shortcut - Internet Explorer
    • Copy Image Address - Safari
  3. Go to the Google Sites page where you wish to re-use the uploaded image and make sure you sign in;
  4. Use the Edit Page button;
  5. Use the Insert button and then the Image menu item.
  6. Use the Web Address (URL) link;
  7. Paste the location/web address/URL into the Image URL box (make sure you remove the http:// that's already there);
  8. Use the Add Image button

Your uploaded image from another page will then appear.

Important Notes

Re-Used Uploaded Image

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