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Google Sites - Move Pages

posted 11 Mar 2010, 11:49 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 6 Jun 2014, 09:24 by Unknown user ]

Google Sites offers the ability to Move pages to sub-pages of other pages, or to Top-Level pages.


  1. Go to the page you want to move and do not edit it.

  2. Use the More Actions button (shaped like a cog/gear) then Move page.

  3. Once the Move Page dialogue box appears use the Site map link to see a hierarchical tree view of your site.

    1. To move the page to the Top-Level then click the page at the top of the tree (it should show your site name next to it).

      The screenshot, below on the right, shows the Move Page dialogue box with the Top Level selected ( to move the page to the top level.

    2. To move the page to a sub-page then click the page you want to be the parent page.

  4. Use the Move button and the pages moves to its new position.

This features allows you to move any page to anywhere in the hierarchy.

Please let us know if this article helped.

More Actions - Move Page

Move Page - Dialogue Box