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Google Sites - New Features - September 2008

posted 11 Sep 2008, 16:01 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 10 Feb 2014, 06:25 by Stephen Hind ]

Google Sites has a few new features that they have yet to release an Announcement for, so I thought I would let you know what I have found:

  1. Links - there are several new link features:
    1. Search for the page to link to - you now need to search for the page you want to link to rather than use the site map: to see all pages in your site enter * (an asterisk) in the search and the search shows all pages.
    2. Open Links in a New Window - when you now use the link tool you have the option to open the link in a new window: just use the tick box in the bottom left corner above the OK button.
    3. Make Links from My Changes and Recent Site Activity - you can now make links by selecting pages you have changed or from pages recently changed.
  2. Description Meta Tag - the description meta tag reflects the description you have entered for your Google Site: use the More Actions button then choose Manage Site and go to the General tab; enter the text you want to appear in the Site Description text box.
  3. Font and Size - the way the fonts are handled have changed: the font selection and size drop-down menus have changed and Google Sites have finally got rid of the <font></font> tags from the HTML.
  4. Page Background Images and Colours - Google Sites have fixed the bug that meant the page background colour was on top of the page backgound image: they are now in the correct order meaning a transparent background image will show the background colour through.
  5. Text Box and Gadget Titles - the titles you give to a text box and gadgets now appears in the editor, so you can see which text box or gadget is which.
  6. Recent Posts Gadget - the tick box that allows you to choose whether to display a border around the gadget now works, so you can now remove the tick and the border will disappear.  Note: this update appears to have made the font change in the gadget - it no longer follows the site-wide font selected but uses sans-serif instead - and it has not fixed the issue of scroll bars being displayed in Internet Explorer 7.
  7. Title Colours - the page title and header title colour can now be changed.

These are just what I have noticed: there may be more; keep your eye on the Google Sites Announcements and Alerts to see what Google Sites says.

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Links from My Changes, Recent Site Activity and Search

Open Links in a New Window

Site Description is Description Meta Tag

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