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Google Sites - Picasa Web Album Slideshow - No Flash

posted 29 Dec 2010, 16:46 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 3 Dec 2015, 01:55 by Stephen Hind ]
Unfortunately this gadget no longer works as Google has blocked the display of the albums in an iframe. We have requested that Google revert this so until they do this gadget will not work.

You can add a Picasa Web Album Sideshow that loops, does not link to the album and auto-plays using the gadget explained in these instructions.  I made the gadget to use the HTML-based sideshow provided by Picasa Web Albums and added it to an iframe.  The gadget is heavily based on Scott Johnston's Include Gadget (iframe), so many thanks to Scott for the fantastic base to work from.


  1. Go to the page you want to add the slideshow to and use the Edit Page button.

  2. Use the Insert menu and choose More Gadgets...

  3. Use the Add gadget by URL link (on the bottom left), in the Enter the URL for a gadget you want to add box enter this URL:
    and then use the Add button.

  4. In the Picasa Web Album URL (required) box enter the URL of your Picasa Web Album (it should look something like

  5. In the Width and Height boxes set the size of the slideshow and below you can choose whether to display a title and border.

  6. Use the OK button to return to the editor and use the Save button to display the completed page with slideshow.


The slideshow does not link to the album, displays captions (if present) plays automatically and loops.  Picasa Web Albums does not give any options for the slideshow so the gadget does not provide any either.

Picasa Web Albums also plays any videos uploaded to the album: the gadget displays these also but they appear shifted over to the right.

Screen Shots

click for larger images

Picasa Web Album Slideshow Gadget Settings

Picasa Web Album Slideshow Gadget Settings