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Google Sites - Report an Issue - Google Feedback

posted 23 Feb 2012, 14:41 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 5 Mar 2014, 05:18 by Stephen Hind ]

Google Sites now provides the Google Feedback tool that Google uses across many of its products.  You will find it really easy to use, just follow the steps below to report an issue.


  1. Use the More button (or keyboard short cut m)

  2. Choose Report an issue

  3. Type a Brief description of the issue and use the Next button

  4. If appropriate Highlight the areas of the site that are causing an issue.  Some areas will highlight as you hover the mouse over them, then just click, and some you will need to click and drag the mouse to highlight.  You can select multiple areas to highlight, just click on each one, or click and drag across a large area to include it all.

  5. If necessary Blackout any personal or private information you do not want to share.  If you make a mistake, where you highlight or blackout too much, move your mouse over the top right corner of the area and the delete button appears (an X in a box): use this button and the highlight or blackout will disappear.

  6. When ready use the Next button and the feedback preview appears.

  7. If you feel the feedback says what you want use the Submit button and after a short period a confirmation will appear.

  8. Use the OK button to dismiss the confirmation and return to your site.


This is one-way feedback: do not expect a reply from Google but when you use report an issue it gives Google the feedback on Google Sites all in one place, so they can see easily what major issues exist. 

If you need to find out how to solve a problem, or for day-to-day advice on Google Sites use, please post a question in the Google Sites Help Forum.

Screen Shots

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More - Report an issue

Google Sites - More - Report an issue

Google Feedback - Brief Description

Google Sites - Google Feedback - Brief Description

Google Feedback - Highlight and Blackout

Google Sites - Google Feedback - Highlight and Blackout

Google Feedback - Preview

Google Sites - Google Feedback - Feedback Preview