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Google Sites - Twitter Tweet Button Gadget

posted 6 Jun 2011, 04:37 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 12 May 2014, 02:33 by Unknown user ]

Twitter have released a new Tweet button, so I created a gadget to add them to your Google Site.  These instructions tell you how to add the Twitter Tweet Button Gadget to your Google Site. This gadget can now auto-detect the page's URL so you don't need to add it, so you can add to a page template and it will work without further configuration.


  1. Go to your Google Site's page where you want to add the button and use the Edit Page button.

  2. Use the Insert menu, then More gadgets...

  3. Use the Add gadget by URL link

  4. Enter the following URL into the box:
    and use the Add button

  5. You can choose to set these optional attributes:
    • URL to share - the web address you want your visitors to tweet about (normally the page you add the button to and Twitter shortens this URL for you automatically).  Leave this blank if you want the gadget to detect the page URL automatically.

    • Twitter user to attribute - suggest anyone you want to mention in the tweet: add your own Twitter screen name if you wish.

    • Default tweet text - suggest any text for the tweet.

    • Related Twitter users - other Twitter users you wish to mention.

    • Count box position - Choose if and where you want the count box to appear (see examples on the right in this how to).

    • Language - the gadget offers English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese and Spanish.

    • URL to which your shared URL resolves to - the actual URL that the shared URL resolves to (if you provide a shortened URL in the URL to share box provide the long URL here).  Leave this blank if you want the gadget to detect the page URL automatically.
  6. Untick the Include a border around gadget and Display title on gadget boxes

  7. Use the OK button

You're done!


Please let us know if this article helped.

Screen Shots - Twitter Tweet Button Preferences - Twitter Tweet Button Styles

Tweet Button - No Count

Tweet Button - Horizontal Count

Tweet Button - Vertical count