Edit your Google Account!

You need to change your Primary E-mail address on your Google Account!

Follow the steps below to try and regain access to your site.

Many, many thanks to iansocool for suggesting this fix in the Google Sites Help Forum.

  1. Sign in to your Google Account using the e-mail address that's just moved to Google Apps; 
  2. Use the Edit button in the Email & phone box, then the Edit link at the end of your Primary email address to change the primary email address on the account (use any other email address that's not associated with a Google Account); 
  3. Verify the new e-mail address - Google will send an email to the email address you add that provides a link to follow, to verify that the email address exists; 
  4. Sign in to the site your lost ownership of with the new primary email address; 
  5. Use the More button, then Sharing and permissions and invite the Google Apps account as owner to the site and sign out; 
  6. Sign in to the site using the Google Apps account (use the Sign in with Google Apps account link under the username and password box).

This will give access back to your site using the recently moved Google Apps account, but if it does not or sounds too complicated for you to do then we can do it for you as part of our One-Shot Support Service or you can try the Google Sites Help Forum.  Please post your site's URL on the Google Sites Help Forum dedicated thread "Moved to Google Apps and Lost Site Ownership".



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