8 Features Your New Intranet Must Have

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Your digital workplace or intranet is where employees find vital information.

When building an intranet, you should always take into consideration the needs of your employees and how you can help them in having a more efficient and productive working environment. This means you should carefully choose which features you should include in your intranet.

Aside from your employee’s needs, you need to consider the essence of your organisation. For example, if your intranet platform is for white-collar professionals, employees should have easy access to important information and shared documents, collaboration tools, news, etc.

But, how do you build an intranet that will help your employees when it comes to collaboration and internal communication?

Discover the top 8 essential features that your intranet must have to drive intranet adoption and help motivate your employees.

1. People Search

In the Nielsen Norman approach to good intranet and employee experience design, they state that a key need of an Intranet is to understand the people and the way they are structured in your organisation.

An important feature of the intranet is the ability to search for employees and coworkers, your bosses' bosses and the skills and people siloed in different locations or department's. Employees should set up their own profiles containing their personal and contact information, employment details, and reporting chain.

Being able to search for employees on your intranet will help you get to know your employees faster on a more personal level.

Steegle Springboard

Our Steegle Springboard intranet has a built in people search and profiling tool which links in directly to your Google directory and requires no maintenance administration. It can even automatically create your organisation chart,

2. Employee Recognition

A digital workspace is a perfect place to acknowledge employees’ efforts and achievements. Showing your employees that you appreciate them by thanking or congratulating them will keep them motivated and you’ll see an increase in productivity. What’s more, you’ll have more loyal employees.

At Steegle, we encourage a culture of positivity and gratefulness.

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3. Office Locations

In today's environment, people are working from multiple locations even in small organisations.

Knowing where to find people and offices can be tricky. A great Intranet should make it easy for your employees to find your various offices and learn about how to visit those sites and the availability of hot desks et cetera.

Your intranet should have a list of office addresses for the convenience of your employees.

Our Steegle Springboard has options to list all company locations using Google My Maps technology

4. Department News and Announcements

A good intranet helps keep employees engaged and informed. This can be achieved by sharing company news and updates. The news or blogs page should be engaging, informative, and user-friendly.

News can be anything that your employees need to know or something that may spark interest in them. People-focused stories or news will keep your employees engaged.

Dedicating an area in your intranet where you can share the achievements and success stories will boost morale and confidence.

5. Finding Files and Forms

A search function is vital to improve the productivity of your employees. Each day, your employees access files and information they need. Being able to search for specific files will make your employees more efficient and productive.

A powerful search tool can search all types of files such as documents, company news, employee’s profile, and more

In Steegle Springboard we have a our Steegle Share front end to Google Drive for your intranet

6. Calendar

One of the most important features of an intranet is a calendar. It allows your employees to track and organize meetings, events, and appointments. Modern intranet software has robust calendar features that allow you to add an event as detailed as you want.

A calendar that is shareable among team members and departments is ideal for a good intranet. This allows event organizers to view the schedules of other members and avoid overbooking.

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7. Training Resources

A modern and successful intranet should have training materials or a guide on how to navigate on the platform. This feature allows employees to work independently and accurately. Having training resources in your intranet will also lessen the training you need to provide for onboarding employees.

Make your Employee Handbook available on Springboard the Google Workspace Intranet Solution

8. Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is also known as a company guidebook, welcome manual, or staff manual. It contains the company’s background, code of conduct, policies, values, and goals. Gone are the days where employers will give out hard copies of this document. Nowadays, employee handbooks can be accessed digitally, whether by email, file, or in an intranet platform.

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For example,

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  • disseminate your news from your different teams and

has a staff recognition (shout-out!) tool!

In terms of practical security and simplicity:

  • All data remains completely on Google systems

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