How to Improve Company Culture with Your Intranet

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Importance of a Strong Company Culture

A strong company culture connects the company and its employees. It’s a reflection of your values and goals as a thriving company. Without a strong company culture, you will see a decline in employee retention, productivity, and revenue. To start with, it’s vital to have a good relationship among the leaders, managers, and employees.

Challenges in Building a Strong Company Culture

There are many challenges in building a strong company culture. One of the main challenges is lack of communication. This weakens the relationship in the workplace and can lead to culture erosion that impedes shared values, business results, and collaboration. Another challenge is poor talent development and retention. The lack of engagement and recognition makes employees feel demotivated.

Nowadays, there are various solutions to these problems. One practical and effective way is by using the company intranet to provide tools that will encourage and support your employees.

7 Best Practices to Improve Company Culture with Your Intranet

Employees who feel empowered and connected are more likely to flourish. We believe that high-level performers are a product of an excellent company culture.

Integrating your company’s culture and value in your intranet is a strategy to build a successful company. When implemented correctly, an intranet helps build trust and encouragement in the entire organization.

  1. Strengthen Two-Way Communication

Traditional intranets are used to receive messages, not as a two-way communication tool. Rather than using your intranet for announcements or information hubs, it can also be a secure platform for your employees to interact for an upcoming project or meeting.

2. Recognize and Celebrate Success

Recognizing the success and achievements of your employees increases productivity in the workplace. An intranet is the best platform to recognize employees for a job well done. You can add customized badges or shout outs as a form of appreciation. This improves the company culture across the entire organization.

3. Focus on Employee’s Wellbeing

Employers should be aware of the mental health of their employees. Internal communication is important to ensure that the managers and HR teams are checking in with the at-risk employees from time to time. Being considerate of your employees' well being creates a culture of trust and empowerment.

4. Employee Feedbacks or Surveys

Cultivate an open culture by conducting surveys and receiving honest feedback on how your employees feel about the developments and changes in the company, at least once a year. This is an opportunity to increase internal communication and promote a transparent culture.

5. Onboarding and Training

Provide onboarding and training to all new employees as an introduction to the working environment and culture of your business. Nowadays, employers can use their digital workplace to manage and communicate with new team members. Providing training resources will let new employees settle in with ease.

6. Face-to-face Interaction

We live in a digital world and most of the time, we conduct meetings online via video calls. However, face-to-face interactions are still encouraged to prevent miscommunication or misunderstanding. Having an opportunity to conduct face-to-face interactions builds trust within the organization.

7. Encourage Inclusion and Diversity

Promoting diverse culture in a working environment with poor communication can be challenging. Being able to interact and work with people from different backgrounds is an advantage. If your company has an issue with diversity and inclusion, encourage employees to use the intranet to get involved and promote dedicated forums and communities

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