Importance of a Healthcare Intranet

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If you own a hospital or clinic, a Healthcare intranet can benefit your organization in lots of ways such as improving patient care to centralizing vital resources. Having a well-designed Healthcare intranet provides employees with tools to improve patient care or enhance staff training and education.

Why You Need a Healthcare Intranet

  1. Improves Patient Care

The top priority of every healthcare provider is patient care. Implementing a healthcare intranet is one of the best ways to improve patient care. In an intranet like Springboard, users can have access to important documents or training materials. Pre-built surveys and tests can also improve patient care by ensuring that your staff are aware of the current procedures and policies. With a Google-based intranet, you can easily create surveys with questions and once your employees submit the form, it will automatically be sent to their supervisors for review.

2. Centralized Resources

In a hospital or clinic, documents and forms are vital for each patient care process. Having a centralized digital platform where your staff can access all necessary documents will expedite the process and provide a smoother patient experience. Additionally, digital storage will reduce the time needed for staff members to manually go through each file in the cabinet just to find the documents or forms they need. With an intranet like Springboard, users can easily search and pull up documents. This will also help expedite administrative tasks.

Steegle Springboard - Mobile Friendly

Our Google Sites based Intranet Springboard is entirely mobile responsive allowing your workers to enjoy Internet and knowledge management facilities wherever they are and however they choose to access it.

Despite these advances, there are still companies that put mobile-friendly intranets secondary to desktop intranets. But this is increasingly a wrong move can decrease employee adoption and productivity.

Nowadays, more companies are opening their doors to the possibility of creating a mobile-friendly digital workspace and are investing time and money in building intuitive mobile intranets. Well, mobile devices have been here for years and they are here to stay. Having a mobile-friendly intranet will be more convenient for you and your employees.

3. Centralized Resources

Whether you’re updating your school’s handbook or designing a brochure, the best way to store and share documents is through an intranet. With a Google-based intranet, selected users will be able to view and edit documents seamlessly. We know that teachers and administration staff deal with lots of tasks daily, that’s why we figured out that an intranet like Springboard is the best way to manage these tasks effectively.

5. Personalized Learning

Most teachers believe that personalizing their student’s education is the key to success because it makes the students responsible for their own learning. Modern intranet solutions allow teachers to set deadlines and submit their own coursework.

4. Increases Productivity

An intranet serves as a digital learning platform for students, teachers, and other staff members. A Google-based intranet offers modern intranet solutions that help increase productivity for its users.

6. Sharing Knowledge

With a Google-based intranet software like Steegle, teachers and staff members are able to share vital information with each other. Students can also use the intranet to upload and download notes or handouts.

9. Fully Integrated

Google continuously integrates its app, which means users to collaborate and edit documents in real-time without having to open another tool or switch tabs.

A fully integrated intranet increases the productivity in a workspace and at the same time, it allows users to gain access to vital information.

10. Provides an Excellent User Experience

The last thing you want your employees to experience is spending too much time learning or navigating on the intranet tools.

A smooth and easy to use intranet will deliver the best user experience no matter what device you’re using. With a Google-based intranet, users can effortlessly find relevant documents and navigate seamlessly.

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