Should You Build a Mobile-Friendly Intranet?

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Intranets are integral to the productivity, communication, and success of businesses across different industries. Internal collaboration from different departments and locations will keep your workforce productive and connected.

According to Nielsen Norman Group, the majority of companies prefer a mobile-friendly intranet rather than an intranet mobile app. However, based on their study, only 27% of companies offered a mobile intranet with the same features as the desktop version. The majority offered limited or different functionalities and this has affected the productivity of field or remote workers who rarely use desktops or laptops.

Reasons to Have a Mobile-Friendly Intranet

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Our Google Sites based Intranet Springboard is entirely mobile responsive allowing your workers to enjoy Internet and knowledge management facilities wherever they are and however they choose to access it.

Despite these advances, there are still companies that put mobile-friendly intranets secondary to desktop intranets. But this is increasingly a wrong move can decrease employee adoption and productivity.

Nowadays, more companies are opening their doors to the possibility of creating a mobile-friendly digital workspace and are investing time and money in building intuitive mobile intranets. Well, mobile devices have been here for years and they are here to stay. Having a mobile-friendly intranet will be more convenient for you and your employees.

More Efficient Document Sharing

We all know that an intranet is a centralized platform where employees can safely share vital documents and data for all members to access. With a mobile-friendly intranet, it would be easy and convenient for your staff to publish and remotely access any information on the go.

Creates a Productive and Successful Workforce

Nowadays, employees spend the majority of their time out of their office desk. An intranet that can be accessed on their smartphones or tablets will allow them to respond to messages or access important data no matter where they are. This increases productivity and keeps employees connected and updated for relevant information.

Enhances User Experience

Your intranet fuels productivity, job satisfaction, and improves your business. The mobile version of your digital workplace should be easy to use and include relevant tools and features. It should also be well-designed to increase user experience.

Improves Employee Intranet Adoption Rates

An intranet is considered successful if people are using it on a daily basis. High adoption rates signify an informed and engaged organization. With a mobile-friendly intranet, employees will have 24/7 access to relevant information at their fingertips.

Builds Positive Company Culture and Morale

Your employees expect that you share the same values and support work-life balance. Providing convenience and flexibility to your employees contributes to positive morale and culture.


Do you have employees who work remotely or are frequently travelling for business trips? If so, there may be a time that employees may not have access to their laptops or desktop computers. In cases like these, a mobile-friendly intranet would keep them in touch and up-to-date with relevant information

Keep Up with Employees’ Demands

Always remember that what works for most employees, might not work for some. As technology continues to improve, so does the demands of your employees. Laptops, smartphones, desktop computers, and tablets are widely used across workforces. That’s why having a mobile-friendly intranet to support a modern workplace is important.

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