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Alternatives to Google Sites for intranets

Springboad built on Google Sites technology by Steegle offers a cost effective all in one intranet solution

Disadvantages of proprietary intranet systems vs Google Sites

  • Alternative systems to Google sites tend to be complex to implement, need more management and training

  • They take your data onto their systems, outside of Google. You have to satisfy yourself regarding data security and compliance

  • They are very expensive to run when compared with Google Sites or our own Steegle Springboard Intranet (built on Google Sites).

  • They are slower to deploy

At Steegle, we have been fans of all things Google. Since 2008 we have been explaining the benefits of using Google sites both for your public-facing websites but especially for internal intranets and extranet sites.

This is because Google removes the headache of things like scalability and security. You know your employees are in safe hands when they are on Google workspace systems. And if you area Google workspace customer it is free and part of your package!

However, there are limitations of Google sites. As experts, clients come to Steegle to ensure their internet delivers. However, there are several tools on the market use for intranets outside of Google Sites. Here we list them so that your might explore them for yourselves:

List of Intranet Systems (not Steegle Springboard)

    • Jahia

    • Unily

    • Igloo

    • Confluence

    • Happeo

    • Lumapps

    • simpplr.

    • Thoughtfarmer

    • Axero

    • Facebook for Business (Workplace)

    • Papyrs, Claromentis

    • or hand made bespoke solution using WordPress or Joomla etc (not recommended)

Many of these systems are considered good alternatives.

Consider Steegle Springboard for Google Sites?

Steegle Springboard adds critical features that is not available in plain vanilla Google Sites.

For example,

  • it is simple (like Google Sites itself)!

  • it has a powerful people directory,

  • can automatically create organisation charts

includes great ways to securely share files and folders

  • disseminate your news from your different teams and

has a staff recognition (shout-out!) tool!

In terms of practical security and simplicity:

  • All data remains completely on Google systems

  • data is not shared with Steegle,

  • Springboard only takes 45 minutes to install by your IT team and

  • We train your super users in Google technology so they can self maintain systems with nothing more than a browser and Google Workspace account!


Google Workspace Intranet Solution

Get all of the power of professionally supported Google Site with enhanced power tools from Steegle at an affordable price.