Top Tips for Communicating Your Intranet to Your Employees

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How to Effectively Implement Your New Intranet to Your Employees

  1. Hire a Community Manager

Once your intranet is running, you will be needing a community manager to make sure your intranet would be successful. The role of a community manager is to train, support, curate, and facilitate.

2. Let Your Employees Be Heard

Before deciding which features to put on your intranet, it’s a good idea to ask your employees what they need from the intranet. Your employees know their jobs very well and their insights will help you in creating a useful and effective intranet platform. You should also consider the other areas of your business to ensure that there will be no negative impacts on your intranet.

3. Consider a Pilot Run

Piloting allows you and your employees to see how the intranet works and will determine issues to be fixed down the road.

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Despite these advances, there are still companies that put mobile-friendly intranets secondary to desktop intranets. But this is increasingly a wrong move can decrease employee adoption and productivity.

Nowadays, more companies are opening their doors to the possibility of creating a mobile-friendly digital workspace and are investing time and money in building intuitive mobile intranets. Well, mobile devices have been here for years and they are here to stay. Having a mobile-friendly intranet will be more convenient for you and your employees.

4. Look for Champions

In big companies or organizations, trust can be an issue. Most employees will trust those who work with them every day. Employee champions should be interactive and excited in learning new things or technologies and happily share them with their colleagues.

5. Keep Content Fresh and Engaging

To help boost intranet employee adoption, its content should be relevant and up-to-date. Ensure that your employee’s needs and interests are being met which can also help increase productivity in your workplace.

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