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Custom Domain URL (G Suite)

How to map a web address to a G Suite based new Google Site


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G Suite Web Address Mapping

  1. Make sure your site is published and note its published URL
  2. Sign in to your G Suite admin console ( ⇗)
  3. Go to Apps, G Suite, Sites and expand Web address mapping
  4. Use the Add web address link and make sure you choose new Sites from the Version drop-down.
  5. Enter the published URL of the site in Site Location and enter the web address you want the site to appear at in Web Address
  6. Use the Add Mapping link and G Suite will instruct you to add the appropriate DNS records (a CNAME record that points to - this is with your domain provider) and once added use the I've completed these steps option


  • This takes time to process so your site will not appear immediately at the web address


  • Make your new Google Site appear at your own domain
  • Traffic to your site is secured via SSL (https) without any further configuration


  • Web address mapping is only available for G Suite domains at the moment (not sites created with a personal Google Account or Gmail account)
  • It will take 15 days to roll out to all G Site domains

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