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Most users believe that using Google Workspace doesn’t require training. However, learning how to efficiently use Google Workspace can change the way you’re working. For instance, learning how to effectively use the tools offered by the platform can help users become more productive and efficient in their work. It also allows users to collaborate more effectively with their coworkers.

Moreover, training can help users understand the security and compliance features of Google Worskapce to keep their data secured.

Luckily, you don’t need to look elsewhere for Google Workspace training.

At Steegle, we offer Google Workspace services training to help and support your organization.

Whether you’re moving to the cloud with Google Workspace or migrating your company data into Google Workspace, we are here to help!

Check out the importance of Google Workspace training here.

Why Choose Google Workspace?

In 2018, Google Worskpace achieved 99.98% uptime availability. The best part is there will be no downtime for system maintenance and updates. That being said, you can rely on Google Worskapce whenever you need it.

Google Workspace User Training

Google Workspace training refers to the process of learning how to effectively use and utilize the various tools and features offered by the Google Workspace platform.

It includes admin training to successfully manage Google Workspace, end-user training on GW apps and collaboration tools, change management, and regular top-up training and notification of new features.

The goal of the training is to help users become more proficient in using the tools and to help your organization work more efficiently and effectively.

Google Workspace Migration

Google Workspace Migration refers to the process of transferring data and users from one platform to Google Workspace.

This process involves moving email, contacts, calendars, and other data from the existing system to Google Workspace, and configuring the Google Workspace account settings for the users. Migration can also be done with an existing Google Workspace by splitting it into two or more.

Google Workspace migration can be a complex process that requires planning, testing, and coordination to ensure a smooth transition. It is often performed by IT professionals or migration specialists who are experienced in migrating data to Google Workspace.

Google Workspace Deployment

Google Workspace Deployment refers to the process of setting up and configuring a Google Workspace account for an organization.

This process involves creating and configuring user accounts, setting up organizational units, and configuring various settings such as email routing, security, and compliance.

It also includes setting up and configuring other Google Workspace services such as Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Calendar, secondary and alias domain configuration, shared drives configuration and permission test, and dual or split

Google Workspace deployment is often performed by IT professionals or deployment specialists who are experienced in setting up and configuring Google Workspace for organizations.

Google Workspace License Support

Google Workspace Licensing Support is provided by Steegle to assist and guide organizations on how to understand and manage their Google Workspace licenses.

Steegle can help you with:

  • Splitting complex license requirements for multiple companies into one Google Workspace

  • Getting multiple services in a package based on user-per-month pricing

  • Get monthly costing for all of your bundled services to see the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Managing resold licenses to ease your workload

The goal of to ensure that you are able to effectively use and manage your Google Workspace licenses in order to maximize the value and benefit of the platform for your organization.

Google Workspace Security Audit and Workshop

Google Workspace Security Audit and Workshop helps organizations assess and improve the security of their Google Workspace environment.

The audit is typically conducted by a team of Google security experts who will review the organization's current Google Workspace configuration, settings, and usage to identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Roll out 2-factor authentication to prevent hacking

  • Ensures you can restore data from malicious or accidental deletions

  • Find out what you share and who has access to it to prevent public visibility and accidental sharing

  • Reduce the risk of mobile device loss

  • Prevent unauthorized data access

Article by Maria Gabrielle