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Google 101 Facts: 70-75 Google’s Famous Offices

36-69 Random Facts about Google
  Google 101 Facts: 76-101 Google's Amazing Work Culture
  1. The official cook of Google is 

    Charlie Ayers, who worked previously for Grateful Dead. He was appointed by a team of 40 employee judges, through a cook off. He makes sure that the hard working intellectuals at Google offices are well fed at all times with excellent food.

  2. Google’s headquarters are known as 

    the Googleplex. Googleplex combines the words Google and complex. It's also a play on the world googolplex which is a huge number ( A googol is 10100 a googolplex is 10 to the power of googol!)

  3. In the Google office, Googlers can 

    skateboard their way to the cafeteria,  (computer controlled) toilets or in fact anywhere they want to go. For Googlers, destination is more important than the mode of transport.

  4. Google has a personal 

    T-rex dinosaur, called Stan, which lives in their California headquarters. The skeleton is original and is an asset of Google Inc.

    Stan, Google's T-Rex

  5. The London office has traditional 

    old London telephone boxes and a zen like chillout pad.

  6. Google offices do not have 

    a dress code. A Googler can wear anything to the office. even bodypaint...