Google Docs - Indents & Line Spacing

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Google Docs - Indents & Line Spacing

Use Indents and Line Spacing to space your paragraphs effectively

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Using Indents and Line Spacing are effective ways to emphasise paragraphs. You can customise the spacing between lines and the spaces between paragraphs to an exact measurement. You can also set indents to affect the first line and the rest of the paragraph independent of each other.


Setting Indents

  1. To see where the current indent is set for the paragraph you’re on, look to the ruler. This shows the left indent as a chevron, and the first line indent as a horizontal line. You can use this to achieve what you might know as a ‘hanging indent’.

  2. To indent a paragraph, navigate to any point in the paragraph and use the increase indent button (on the top bar), or use Ctrl+]. This will increase the indent of the whole paragraph. To decrease the indent, use the decrease indent button, or Ctrl+[. This changes the position of the left indent symbol in the ruler (the blue chevron)

  3. To change the indentation on the top line of a paragraph, move the first-line indent symbol (the blue horizontal line in the ruler) either left or right. This sets the first-line indent relative to the left indent. So, if you then increase or decrease the left indent, the first-line indent will more accordingly.

Line Spacing

  1. To choose line spacing for your paragraph, use the format menu and choose line spacing. You can choose from several pre-set options, or choose custom spacing.

  2. To set custom spacing, choose custom spacing from the line spacing menu. Here you can customise spacing between lines and between paragraphs. Enter line spacing (e.g. 2 for double line spacing), paragraph spacing (use pts to set how much you want below or above the paragraph), and select apply.

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