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Google Sites - Changing URLs (web addresses)

posted 7 Aug 2008, 06:37 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 9 May 2014, 07:27 by Unknown user ]

We've noticed there's a bit of confusion about changing the URLs of Google Sites, so we thought we would create an article to help explain our understanding.  This information only applies to Google Apps integrated Google Sites, not sites found at; to do this for a non-Google Apps Google Site see

Root URL

If you change the root URL for Google Sites in the Google Apps control panel from: to it means that when you go to you will get the login screen to edit 

and create sites: this does not mean that if you have a site at: it will be available at; the is just a redirect to the Google Sites login.

Web Address Mapping

If you apply a mapped URL to a site that's different kettle of fish: the mapped URL will take you to that site and the site will appear at that URL, so all of your pages appear at the URL e.g if you had a site at: and you made a mapping of "name" to that site then will take you directly to that site (but would not) and if you had a subpage called "subpage" of the page "page" then would take you to

For full instructions on how to make a web address mapping see question 3 of our Google Sites FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).


This site has a Web Address Mapping of "www" hence the address of, but its Google Sites address is  we have also set our root URL for Google Sites for this domain as but if you visit there you will be asked to sign in as it's the same as going to, which is the landing page to edit and create sites for our domain.

This page, therefore, can be found at:

Update: no sooner had we written this article did Google Sites release Web Address Mapping for Google Sites at, so we updated the article.