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Google Sites - E-mail Subscription - FeedBurner

posted 19 Aug 2010, 15:36 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 5 Jun 2014, 08:58 by Unknown user ]

You can get e-mail subscriptions to your public Announcement Pages by using FeedBurner.  This requires you to register with FeedBurner, register your RSS feed with FeedBurner and add their e-mail subscription form (or link) to your site.


  1. On your Announcements page find the Subscribe to posts link (next to an RSS Feed icon ) and right-click and copy the URL of the feed (Copy link location in Firefox, Copy shortcut in Internet Explorer, Copy link address in Google Chrome, Copy link in Safari).

  2. Go to, sign in and paste the feed URL you copied from your site in the Burn a feed right this instant box and use the Next button.

  3. Enter the Feed Title and Feed Address as you want them to be and use the Next button.

  4. Take a copy of the feed's URL that FeedBurner provides and use the Next button.

  5. Tick any extra Traffic statistics you may want to see and use the Next  button

  6. On the Publicize tab use the Email Subscriptions link and then the Activate button

  7. From the Subscription Management box copy the HTML code given for the form (or the link) and use the Save button.

  8. Go to the page on your site where you want to add the form (or the link) and use the Edit Page button then the HTML button.

  9. Find the area of the page you want to add the form (or link), paste the code you copied from FeedBurner, use the Update button (if you paste the code for the form you will see it change to an Embed Gadget box - this is normal) and then the Save button.

Visitors to your site can now sign up for e-mail updates from your Announcements page.

Example Subscribe Form - Google Sites How Tos


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Feed Title and Address

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FeedBurner E-Mail Subscriptions Activate

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