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Google Sites - Embed a Google Map

posted 19 Mar 2009, 02:22 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 6 Jun 2014, 08:44 by Unknown user ]


Many thanks to Barry Hunter for bringing the gadget used to my attention and his instructions on how to use the KML Embed Gadget.  Barry is heavily in to Google Maps, as you can see on his two websites and  Thanks also to Prac for suggesting making the URL for the gadget a link, so it can be easily copied.


  1. Make a Map

    Go to Google Maps (UK version, US Version), choose My Maps, use the Create a new map link, add any place markers, lines or areas you want to display, give it a title, make sure the map is public but do not save it yet.

  2. Copy your Map's KML URL

    Just above the map on the Right right-click the View in Google Earth link and copy the URL (Copy link location in Firefox, Copy shortcut in Internet Explorer - other browsers provide similar wording).  Save the map using the Save button.

  3. Embed the KML Gadget on your Google Site

    Sign in to your site and edit the page you want the map to appear on.  Use the Insert button followed by More and use the Add by URL link.  In the URL box add the following URL

    and use the Add button.

  4. Paste your Map's KML URL

    In the KML or My Maps URL box paste your map's KML URL you copied in step 2, choose 2D (Google Maps) in View Mode, set any other settings you want (e.g. height and width) and use the OK button.

You're done!  Map embedded!

Please let us know if this article helped.

Example Embedded Map