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Google Sites - Images in a row (side-by-side)

posted 9 Aug 2008, 18:21 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 6 Jun 2014, 08:29 by Unknown user ]
Many people struggle to get images side-by-side in a Google Site: these instructions provide one way to achieve well aligned images.


To get images in a row you will need to edit the HTML to remove the <div></div> tags inserted by Google Sites to align the images - follow these instructions:

  1. Insert your first image by going to Insert then Image
  2. Insert your second and subsequent images in the same way
  3. Edit the HTML by using the HTML button
  4. In the HTML remove the <div style="display: block; text-align: left;"> and </div> that surrounds each image (you can get rid of the links to the image if you want also)

This will put your images in a row.  If you want them centred then select the images and use the centre text tool.

Please let us know if this article helped.

Example Images in a Row (and Centred)

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