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New Google Sites - Page Headers

posted 2 Dec 2016, 06:55 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 2 Dec 2016, 07:32 ]

New Google Sites - Page Headers

See what you can achieve with the Page Headers in New Google Sites

Page Headers - Capabilities

  • 3 Header types (Large banner, Banner [default], Title only)
  • New pages follows previous page header type and background image
  • Custom background image and adjust for readability
  • Multi-line text with differing formats
  • Images (and hacked alignment)

Page Headers - Limitations

  • Only 3 header types
  • Title only header always has a white background
  • Titles in header are very large with large white space
  • New pages only take header type and background image 
  • No vertical grouping or alignment (always aligns to top)